The keystone for a successful business is talent. PRODENSA’s signature recruitment service provides looking for the best hires and headhunting for a wide scope of positions within a variety of industries all over the world. PRODENSA specializes in understanding the needs of its client companies and uses a vast number of sources and research-based interview techniques to identify and present top talent.

PRODENSA’s outsourcing expertise allows you to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks associated with the recruitment of your personnel and strengthen your recruitment team with professional external support to search for the most challenging or complex roles. Take advantage of our experience to locate the best candidates among the ones who either seek change or are still dormant and are not aware what great opportunities your company employment can bring. We reach out to both active and passive candidates to deliver the most efficient staff that will help you achieve your business goals.

As your partner, we act as an extension to your internal HR team aiming at offering you a simple tailor-made flexible recruitment service to support your needs in every scenario. This could be massive staffing of an expansion or start-up project or a specialized talent search to fill in a specific administrative, engineering or executive position.

In addition, you ONLY pay for the RESULT when the desired candidate starts working at your company. Furthermore, we give a few months’ guarantee to replace the candidate or give a refund in case of the unexpected scenario.

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